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About Us

Sutech Contracting Limited is a contracting firm that specializes in the design, planning,
execution of space, delivery of turn-key construction and project management.

Our Story

Brief History

Sutech Contracting Ltd established in April 2005 was formally incorporated as a Limited Company in 2009. She had though been in operations before then, delivering services and executing projects as a subcontractor to several firms. The company has operated as a sole proprietorship while outsourcing most of the services it delivers. The core operations of the organization are subcontracted to vendors it had trained (in line with the standard of work delivery that is expected) and used over the years while she supervises, control and project manages the jobs till delivery.
Nature and size

Sutech Contracting Limited specializes in office and specialized shop fit-out, design, and construction, project management, furniture design and making and data infrastructure. The company has a well-rounded knowledge base of different engineering fields by virtue the years of experience in project management and delivery of projects. Some of the technical or engineering works that come active in delivering a turn-key construction project are civil wet works and Fast dry-walling system, joinery & carpentry, data cable and data center infrastructure, mechanical and electrical works, and architectural expertise.

Sutech Contracting Limited is a Project-based organization and as such adopts an organizational structure peculiar to the project-based organization.

The Project Based Organization is gradually but rapidly replacing the Brick-and-Mortar phenomenon with full staffing component, structure and engagement. Reasons are adduced to cost optimization, information, and technology that has made it possible for teams to work in geographically dispersed locations with minimum interference of the physical interface angle. A Project-based organization is largely different from the conventional routine organizational processes because of the nature of the project tasks, and dynamic nature of the environment. The project environment is such that each project comes with a peculiar challenge thereby requiring different logic of action. There needed to be a paradigm change from the routine organizational processes to a workable system that suits the project-based environment.


To be a one-stop shop for a world-class standard in the construction related works in years to come


To deliver a world-class office fit-out and construction, within the Clients budget, in due time, and not comprising quality irrespective of the size of the project.

Core Values

Sutech Contracting Limited’s core values are attention to details, due diligence, passion, creativity, and beautiful ending with clients.


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We have a competent, resourceful and diverse team with astounding qualifications.


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